Heartbroken: My Valentine

by admin on February 13, 2013


My Valentine

Where were you when I was carving out the foundation of love, my hands calloused over, my back ached from labor, sweat residing on my brow? Your help non-existent, your offer of labor not offered.

What depths were you willing to travel to secure our love? Could you hold the breath of love at such great levels or would you simply exhale upon first sign of troubled waters? No matter the depth, no matter the pressure that constrains and crushes, within these arms you were protected.

What sacrifices were you willing to endure? What suffering were you willing to tolerate to solidify our love? How much pain in the name of love have you sustained? I’ve bled copious amounts of time, tears and with wounds freshly packed with salt, I shall withstand more for you, for us.

My love, my sweet dear heart.

I envisioned our future, our lives intertwined by destiny and fate. Did you dream of this as well or had your design of us been flawed, distorted and blurred from the onset?

Alas, Missouri has left this man less than impressed with my heart out of alignment.

Missouri’s adopted son broken, unfixable.

I loved in Missouri.
I died in Missouri.

And now I am alone, alone as anyone can be in Missouri

Without you

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Anin Imus 02.20.13 at 10:26 am

Maybe you wouldn’t be so alone if you treated people better and weren’t such a douche. But daaaammnnn son, some bitch straightened you up. Late Greggy

A-Papa Nasty 02.22.13 at 11:09 am

Anyone who has ever had the displeasure of meeting you will automatically know why you’re alone. Just because you’re heartbroken doesn’t give you the right to act rudely towards anyone, that’s inexcusable. Weren’t you raised with better manners? You’re not better than anyone else so quit acting like it. Also it’s pretty low to threaten a young boy at your workplace, just sayin’ ALSO quit whining so much. Try match.com or something.

You wanna be happy? Change your ‘tude, Greggy, or else no one will EVER want your ass around.

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