To The One I Love: Cherish

by admin on May 2, 2013

To The One I Love


In this moment…

Love embrace me

Keep me safe, protected within your bosom, diminishing my fears, keeping unwanted intruders from damaging me, hurting me in the early morning hours

Love feed me

Nourish me with acceptance, fatten me with hope, replenishing forever, sating my gluttony for you

Love, Love, Love break me of my wayward habits

Rehabilitating me for the better, counseling the will of life into my everyday being with the clarity of belonging as my drug of choice

Love inspire me

Expand my knowledge of the everyday things, bringing to light the once invisible, enriching, educating me, making me whole

O Love hear my prayer

I wish to burn in you, smothering me in your essence with a scorching desire unimaginable to this lonely man

O Love hear my prayer

In this moment…

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