To The One I Love: Pillow Talk

by admin on June 23, 2013

To The One I Love

Pillow Talk

You looked at me questioningly and asked, “Why do you love me?”, your eyes never leaving mine as we lay side by side, facing one another, basking in the mid-afternoon glow of the sun. With eyes expecting truth, demanding honesty, I answer with my heart open

“I love you for your intelligence, bringing to light the many things in life that went unnoticed by my eyes alone.”

“I love you for the warmth you bring to my life with just your presence alone, repairing my lonely existence with happiness unprecedented.”

“Your fabulous laughter. Even when you are absent, I can hear it, forcing me to giggle aloud no matter when or where I may be. This I may love above all your other attributes.”

You place a finger to my lips abruptly stopping me. A kiss of thankfulness follows and I close my eyes enjoying the silence, accepting your spontaneity.

“Continue, Love.”

“As you wish.”

“I will love you for life, dear. My heart belongs to you as it has from the beginning when I had the privilege of gazing upon your beauty. You had me then, you have me now. I am yours.”

You respond in kind with the five words that are the reason why I exist:

“My heart belongs to you.”

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shundool 08.24.13 at 12:00 pm

romanticist.. love your words.

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