Lonely Man Chronicles: Times Square

by admin on November 18, 2010

Lonely Man Chronicles

Times Square

He is in Times Square. It is just a little past midnight on a steamy Friday night in July. The streets are alive with the pulse and electricity of the residents and tourists strolling in the humid evening. Couples and families stare in awe, necks bent back, mouths opened at the neon monuments that line either side of the street; the dizzying lights hypnotizing them into forward motion. They remind him of lambs being led to the slaughter. The slaughter of their minds and income to commercialism.
He doesn’t walk with the herd. He walks directly in the middle of Broadway against the traffic, ignoring the angry honking from the horns as taxis, tour buses, and various vehicles pass by only a foot or inches from him. There is a row of plastic traffic dividers directly in the center of the strip of street, dividing it evenly down the middle. He seeks refuge among them, away from the people who he detest. He stands there and contemplates the reason for living, for going on like this weighing the pros and cons against one another, seeing if he can find any justification for his existence here on Earth or anywhere for that matter.
He thinks about his past transgressions, finding guilt to be a burden almost unbearable; almost a tangible thing in his life, taking solid form and residing on top of his back, slowing him down. A large crowd of people suddenly bursts into laughter interrupting his thoughts, bringing him back to reality. How much time had past? Walking the remainder of the dividers, he heads north once again against the traffic, crosses the street and heads for the subway, not having a set destination in mind.
Where he arrives, he already is there.

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