Accounts of a Struggling Writer in Brooklyn: I’m Still Greggy with The Block

by admin on July 29, 2014

Accounts of a Struggling Writer in Brooklyn

 I’m Still Greggy from with The Block

 This will be hard. Hard in the sense that my brain has been somewhat fried and not a decent line of thought has crossed it in the last six months or so. I can chalk it up to drinking, partying, the company I keep – present company excluded – or just plain old laziness and procrastination. More than likely a poisonous mixture off all of the above with ultimately only myself to blame for not doing any work. Somewhere along the line I lost my passion, my drive for writing. I can’t precisely remember when it happened or what made it happen, all I know is that it has indeed happened and it scares me beyond belief. The one true creative thing that I somehow managed to squeeze out of my non-artistic oriented mind, the only form of rehab that didn’t require weekly meetings that left me with feelings of guilt and shame, my one true friend within the last three or so years that accepted me without passing judgment has up and vanished, leaving me that much sadder in its absence.

Okay, I confess, that was a bit dramatic but now that I have your attention, I’ll admit that’s it really a simple, generic, no fancy big medical term applied, block. I’ll try to tone it down from here on out, I promise.

This isn’t like some flu or virus, easily treatable by taking a simple stroll down to CVS or Walgreen’s in the middle of the night and purchasing a bottle of New Ideas! PM (conveniently marketed next to the Night Owl’s other favorite drug of choice, No Doze) and it’s back to the races, pounding out page after page of The Next Great American Novel. No, this is no quick fix. You can ask other professional and amateur writers about how they dealt with it (cause let’s face it, they have all been through it, even the great ones and if anyone of them tell you differently, they are fucking outright lying to you in your face) and maybe walk away with a few new ideas or exercises that had helped them out but I’m finding during this that you and you alone have to find out what works for you. Maybe a new environment in which to work from, a change of scenery might help. Cutting down on my red meat intake has come to mind in the last several weeks. That’s how desperate I am to get back on track and get the machine’s cogs rolling again!

I do know from experience that being relaxed and alone with your own thoughts has its benefits when faced with a block. Even if it’s taking an hour a day and making it the time that you do work and work alone, with no phone or television to distract you from the task at hand. I remember vaguely that physical exertion in the form of running and working out helped as well. As the sweat ran off my bald head and the snot flew from my nose in copious amounts during my morning indoor gym routines, all kinds of ideas popped into my head. Random, yes but with such clarity that many of them ended up being used in some form or another on this site. I’m not saying go out and purchase a Gold’s Gym membership and a Bowflex for home use, I’m simply walking myself through what used to work for me. Again, what works for you may not work for me, I just miss my friend.

Don’t get me wrong; the familiar whirring and grinding of once stagnant gears have definitely been heard off in the distance. That sneaky son-of-a bitch Insomnia, slithering its way back a couple of nights a week into my already busy schedule, loaded with that itch my hands get when the longing for the soft click-clacking of a keyboard beneath them means that my old friend is knocking again. And this time, hopefully, he stays around for breakfast. I’m sure I’ll be up!

Not needing No Doze during this whole ordeal,


Gregory McCant


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