Happy New Year?

by admin on May 4, 2015

*This was what should have been printed over five months ago but due to me locking myself out of my own site like some idiot, I’m just now posting. Sorry.*

Bye Felicia 2014!

              With less than eight hours left of 2014, I find myself reflecting over the past 364 days with a bit of regret and gratefulness. I understand that both these feelings are complete polar opposites of one another, but the two totally encompass the memories and events of ’14. Surprisingly, this has been the best year for me as far as stability is concerned. I’ve miraculously managed to achieve health care coverage, a spacious, fully furnished apartment and a somewhat blurred vision of my inevitable retirement; normal things for the average person but elusive to yours truly, particularly during my entire adult life. The regret can be summed up in five simple words: I should’ve done shit earlier!

So I go into 2015 with a smidge more optimism than I have in previous years. It’s frightening, optimism freely exuding from me is something I am unaccustomed to and I welcome it with open arms. It doesn’t hurt to have an angel on your side; one that has led me by the dick kicking and screaming into my newfound stability and has fed me more knowledge than any school or career could ever administer. And that ladies and gentlemen, is what I am eternally grateful for.

I recently read something online that I feel pertains to the New Year. To be honest, I don’t remember the passage word for word, a downfall of mine, although I do remember its point. Vaguely, it said that you have 365 days to write the next chapter of your life the way you want it to begin and end. I plan on filling every page with life.

… and 2014 limps out with a defiant head held high….

Gregory E. McCant

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