Happy Fifth Anniversary to Nothing To Say!!!

by admin on November 10, 2015


The Fifth Time’s a Charm?

Happy anniversary to Gregorymccant.com! This is the fifth year of its existence and it is also the worst year of content as well. I mean look at it; there is virtually nothing on here for the year of 2015. Where once there were monthly pieces or wanna-be poems now only resides empty, blank pages and lack of readership. Where did it go all wrong? At what point did my passion disappear for this, this… craft? Will it ever return?

You’re goddamn right it will! Rest assured, the drought is over and the machine is cranking back up once more, ready to produce yet more work for your reading enjoyment. I so apologize for the laziness; it was not my intention. I have learned during this hiatus that it is amazing how life can throw things at you to get you off your game. Normally, I’m immune to such things as deaths, illnesses, career changes, moving across country 1500 miles, multiple hospital visits and financial distress but when they hit you all at once, it’s enough to cause anyone to falter. But no more excuses! I’ve heard all the requests from the few followers I have and so I shall persevere!

In addition to the usual, I am taking requests for ideas or storylines from the masses. Think of it as a thank you for stopping by here every so often.

So as the fifth year begins, please keep in mind that without you, there is no me. Feel free to comment with your pros and cons and constructive criticism. Knowing those who know me, I don’t think that will be a problem.



…and the Monster in its fifth year roars defiantly,

Gregory E. McCant

P.S.  Mccanttoo.com is yet another site you can explore to your heart’s content!!!

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