The Eraser

by admin on December 9, 2015


The Eraser 

You tried to erase me from your mind but to no avail

You see me in the clouds, staring back at you, following your every move, day or night, just like Heaven

You hear my voice in the wind, passing around you, whispering through your hair and around your precious face, your eyes tearing with the memory of me in each drop

You hear my words in every song you listen to as love is the course and key in which I spoke to you

My words are in the books you read, from cover to cover, in between the pages our story unfolds

You drink me in the wine, you taste the complexity and maturation of love, with each sip, each swallow you ingest more of me, leaving a lingering finish, leaving you wanting more

I am the beat that drives you, the tempo that moves you, with bass that reverberates through your bones as you sway and move to the passion of me

I am here with you when I am not near you

You cannot erase me

I am permanent




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