11/25/69 @ 1:50 p.m. :Thanksgiving /Birthday

by admin on November 25, 2010

A strange combination but true. Every four years due to Leap Year, my birthday falls on Thanksgiving. Bottom line, it sucks. All your friends are out of town with family and loved ones, all the good restaurants are closed, and the phone doesn’t exactly ring off the hook for me either. Consequently in the course of my 41 years, I have had only three cakes, never had a party, and usually wind up working on my birthday. Again, it sucks.

Facebook has made me realize that there are some people who actually remembered my birthday. That really touched me until I looked and saw the little icon in the upper right hand corner that reminds people of the month’s upcoming birthdays. *Sigh*

So its me and my girlfriends ( my laptop and netbook ) spending this day of thanks inside, all warm and toasty together, staring out one of my three windows into the bleak grey afternoon. They are the perfect mate, just like all of my other past love interests: cold, plastic, heat up quickly then burn out. Ah, such is love.

Dinner tonight is a toss up. Pasta with canned sauce, frozen pizza a’ la Greg ( extra cheese added on top with canned mushrooms and Italian seasonings), or more than likely, Chinese. I hope they are open. I don’t remember reading as a child about to many Asian pilgrims.

Enjoy this day. Embrace your company, be it family, friends or loved ones. Times have been hard. They’ll probably get harder. Cherish those around you. Eat your vegetables. Wash behind your ears.

Happy Turkey Day, kiddies!

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