Heartbroken: Boy Afraid/Wrecked

by admin on October 5, 2016


Boy Afraid/Wrecked

That gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach

That weight upon your brow

That pain and hollowness in your heart

Those long, sleepless nights that plaque you a minimum of three times a week

That persistent and annoying voice in your head you hear in the evening and morning

That ever present feeling that nothing is ever going to be right in the world with you and with you truly believing it

Anxiety strangling…

When the food taste bland

When the wine is sour, insipid

When the cold slithers in and chills you to your very core

When you can’t stand the light of day, preferring to live in constant midnight

When the reflection that stares back at you from the mirror bows its head down in shame

Anxiety sapping…

It depletes your health, you being sicker than you’ve ever felt

It cripples you mentally, taking your spirit and thoughts unmercifully

It holds you in its vice-like grip with pressure similar to the ocean’s depths

Until all that’s left is the shell from whence you came

Anxiety in triumph.


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