Word On The Street: City Scene

by admin on May 25, 2017

City Scene

And the night opened to me without hesitation, showing me its seedy underbelly with a Strangelove I’m unfamiliar with. Speaking with newfound eloquence, I accept its invitation

Inebriated crusted hipsters pirouette shamelessly through red lighted districts, flaunting their lack of inhibition without fear of ramification. Remembering Youth, envious, I gaze upon them with a fevered jealousy I didn’t know I possessed

Negro jazz wafts up through hardened concrete and glass alike with its improvised falsetto keeping pace with the accelerated pulse of the city. Max’s drums, Miles’ trumpet, Monk’s piano, playing just for me or so I liked to believe…

Street lights wink, shimmer and glow through the evening acting as stars, illuminating the path for those who dare traverse out into the obsidian of night. Some as close as my eyes, some as distant as broken dreams, they lead me effortlessly further into night’s womb

Automobiles zoom past me, heading nowhere fast, spewing toxic perfume rich with carcinogens and pollutants into night’s sky, carrying its passengers to destinations unknown, unfathomable to a mind such as mine. With a roaring of horsepower and a turn of a wheel, adventures and tales wait for the speeding few

All too soon, the rays of dawn will stretch out elongated Fingers of Hope over the horizon, ending yet another night but rest assured, without fail, Night will draw in the dauntless and daring, such is its power



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