Lonely Man Chronicles: In Passing

by admin on December 17, 2010

Lonely Man Chronicles

In Passing

His short weekend begins with longing. It shows in his gait; body doubled over, legs heavy as if weighed down by cement, dragging him through the merciless, piss soaked streets of the city. People bump into him constantly as if he were non-existent and that is precisely how he feels. He wonders if he could disappear completely, but of course that’s a fool’s dream. If there is a God, and he believes there isn’t, this is God’s sick, twisted way of finding humor for Himself by plaguing him with pain and suffering in different tempos, but with the same beat.
Passing a restaurant he peers in, attracted by the garlic, fresh bread and various other scents that waif across his nose during the mid May evening. Candles flicker throughout the establishment, strategically placed on each table for the maximum lighting effect. Tables of two, three, and four ( and in the far right corner, one round table of six well dressed business men ) take in the restaurant’s fare and engage in conversation. He assumes the mood is one of good cheer as he notices smiles and rapid hand movements throughout among the customers seated. A woman’s laughter sneaks out of the door as a couple exits the building, hand in hand heading off to wherever people go who walk hand and hand.
Should I go in, he ponders. At least sit at the bar and order a drink. There can be no harm in that, right? Something to take the edge off. Perhaps create some sort of false confidence to help him cope with life’s problems. Only one. Two. Three at the most. What shall it be, Dewar’s and soda, or a nice cold Sierra Nevada? Opening the door, proceeding to the bar, his future inebriation beckons…

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