Excepts from: Give up or Weak and Powerless: America the Beautiful?

by admin on December 19, 2010

Excerpts from Give up or Weak and Powerless

America the Beautiful?

I hate people. There is nothing that I like about people at all. I only see the bad in people. I don’t like most people. I wholeheartedly detest everyone. The majority of people I come across, particularly at work I think I am better than. Nobody has ever done anything for me without asking for double back in return. I feel as if I never have intimate contact with another human being, my life would be 100% better than it is now. Unfortunately, people are needed to get what I need and that is all I need them for in the future. I look at life as a competition; the strongest person wins. I don’t plan on losing.
In no particular order, let me express my dislike of certain people.
I hate Spanish people or Latin Americans, or whatever ‘beaners’ chose to call themselves nowadays. Walking around in their sombreros, shirts unbuttoned, guts protruding, taking up all the jobs and sucking up all the welfare. On the plus side, hair gel stocks have gone up since they illegally entered our country. Oh well, I guess somebody has to pick the fruit off the trees and take the shit jobs.
I hate Asians. Coming to MY country, refusing to learn the language of MY country, having the nerve to open convenient stores in MY neighborhood, changing the street signs to THEIR language, aggressively peddling their counterfeit wares in my face on my way to the subway causing me to miss my train by mere seconds, all the while the words ‘You buy! You buy! Cheap! Cheap!’ reverberate in my head.
I hate middle-Eastern, towel wearing, curry stinking people, driving all the taxis, overcharging me because gas prices are higher this year than last year or any of their multitude of excuses to leech every dollar from my wallet. Hey Mohammed, why don’t you take some of that extra money and invest in some soap and deodorant?
I hate Jews. Riding the Holocaust guilt train, constantly reminding society of how terrible it was, erecting monument after monument in every fucking city to keep the sympathy flowing, hoarding all of AMERICA’S money, taking more than a week to celebrate THEIR religious holiday, while my Christmas only gets one day. Who the fuck do they think they are, goddamn oven dodgers!
I hate, hate, hate black people. Always angry, blaming white people for everything wrong in their lives while they kill each other off in record numbers and drive the crime wave up. Wearing $200.00 dollar tennis shoes with their pants around their thighs, embracing poverty and violence, claiming to be “the true kings of the world” while in reality they are viewed as the bottom rung in society’s structure, too blinded by personal status to succeed as a whole. What a damn shame. When will they ever learn?
Take them all, and you have one messed up country; teetering on the verge of collapse on an already unstable infrastructure. God bless America. Somebody has to.

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Adrikka 12.19.10 at 3:10 pm

I like it!
is a real picture of the everyday weird salad…

Irina 12.27.10 at 4:29 am

Poor, poor boy…
I am so sorry to read this.
Just wanted to say that negative outlook does not help to win. You are right about life is a competition and the strongest person wins. But something I know for sure is that negativity and hatred can really cut your way to victory. Don’t give in to these feelings for too long. I believe in you. I know that Fantasy is one of your favorite songs. Just remember the lyrics!!…….

Me 12.31.10 at 3:30 pm

LOL…Ok…so you must love Whitey!!! LOL….dag you are crazy!!!! It was funny thought. LOVE ALL …WE LOVE YOU!!!

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