Excerpts from: Give Up or Weak and Powerless: Reflection

by admin on December 26, 2010

Excerpts from: Give Up or Weak and Powerless


Wanting to cringe, Gregory turns into himself. He doesn’t like what he sees before him. The true sociopath emerges during his time in front of the bathroom’s mirror and shows him his true self. The self that enjoys pornography, alcohol, drugs, money, pain and suffering, gluttony and excess. It smiles at him, luring him closer to it’s world. Gregory reels from the stench of forty years of decay coming from it. Upon closer inspection, Gregory notices the blood that steadily runs over its’ teeth. Rivers of scarlet trickling down its’ chin, splattering on its’ chest. Scars and wounds tattoo its’ body; wounds from its’ self destructive lifestyle.
Gregory is scared.
Gregory knows this is his true self. Moving ever so slowly, it slithers toward him, making slight body movements as if to appear to be floating. Its’ mouth opens. Sweet, sickly words emanate from its’ mouth.
“Welcome. You can never escape me.”
A long laughter follows but the eyes never leave Gregory. In that instant, clarity washes over Gregory and he welcomes in his true self, ready for the world.

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