Ode To an Old Man

by admin on June 19, 2011

This probably will never reach my father but I feel I need to say it.

I love you.

Always have, always will.

If you only had a clue to how much I am exactly like you. I use my dirty underwear to blow my nose with after a shower.

I use salt and pepper on everything even though my food honestly doesn’t need it.

I definitely inherited your temper and foul mouth.

My work ethic is the same as yours. I remember all those long impossible hours of work you put in to make a way for your family. It didn’t go unnoticed. I would have liked you around more…

I snore to wake the dead just like you do.

I am a loner but have a very small circle of people who I associate with; something I remember you doing as well.

I love my music and damn if anyone cannot appreciate it! I remember you playing those damn Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding 45’s over and over again on Sunday mornings and swearing to God that I would NEVER listen to that crap when I got older!

I keep Otis and Marvin on my Ipod shuffle playlist constantly, my memories of your baritone voice singing along with these two echoing in my ears and mind.

You see, without a doubt I am proud to say that I am a chip off of YOUR block, make no mistakes about it.

I rarely read instructions but like you, things typically come out right after assembling.

I know our relationship isn’t the best, but you are my idol and not just today, but every single day until God takes my last breath.

You will forever be my old man, my father, my love.

Happy Father’s Day!

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M 06.20.11 at 10:05 pm

Very Beautiful Gregory!!! and U tell it just like U R
I wish my dad was still around t read it or not!……..

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