Lonely Man Chronicles: Words of Bliss

by admin on July 1, 2011

Lonely Man Chronicles

Words of Bliss

The language of love slips from my lover’s tongue as though rehearsed. She doesn’t stutter or miss a beat when she speaks; a symphony of words released in perfect sync leaving me reeling from her lovely verbal assault. I close my eyes transforming her language into images in my mind, letting my subconscious create a utopia for the two of us while she continues on in that angelic voice…

Lifetimes pass between us in an instant our eyes lock, both of us transfixed with an everlasting gaze.  You always find your way to my soul with but a glance. Miraculous. Under your stare, I cave in to you freely. In anticipation, I await your next thought.

My name leaves your mouth at the speed of sound. I’m hearing it but it’s blurred in with symphonies by Brahms or Bach; an orchestration of precise pitch and tone coupled with perfect pronunciation. I close my eyes and internally beg to hear you speak my name again. Never, ever stop my name from leaving your lips. It starts as a whisper, emanating from your heart, quickly building momentum until it finally comes out of you in the form of a whisper laced with silk.

“I love you.”

Dear God, I love you too.

The rest comes easy.

I am yours eternally.

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