Excerpts from: Give Up or Weak and Powerless: Step Aside

by admin on July 2, 2011

Give Up or Weak and Powerless

Step Aside

I’m making my way to you.
You won’t know when, you won’t know where, but make no mistakes about it, I am coming for you.
I’ve watched you for ages. I have your schedule down pat. I know when you leave your home for work, double checking your front door’s locks twice before turning around and heading down the street to the A C E subway station on Broadway-Junction.
I know when you come home. You change your shoes from heels to running shoes (Nike) for the walk home, the same shoes you jog with every other day without fail before heading off to work. You’ve ran by me without so much as a glance in the park less than five minutes from where you live. You should’ve paid more attention to your surroundings.
I know what days you are off, Saturday and Sunday.
I know the hour that you turn off your bedroom’s light, leaving only the television’s flickering images easily recognizable from outside your bedroom’s window.
You enjoy your wine, Yellow Tail chardonnay from Australia and you drink two or three bottles of it a week depending how stressful your work week had been. You purchase two bottles every Friday from Lance’s Liquors on 49th and 6th, consuming one bottle alone on Saturday as you sit on your balcony listening to light jazz. I believe it was David Sanborn the last time I overheard it as I crouched down in the bushes directly on the side of your home. Good choice.
You order carryout every Wednesday, leaning heavily towards Thai and Chinese. The rest of the week you either cook or dine out at the slew of restaurants in your neighborhood.
I wouldn’t say you are promiscuous, but you do enjoy your cock, keeping a full roster of men at your beck and call, primarily on Friday nights although not this week as your monthly friend has decided to pay you a visit early, and this month it’s heavier than usual. Amazing what someone’s trash can tell you about a person.
I almost feel like we have already met! Can’t wait to see you face to face and spend some quality time together. I have so much to tell you…so much to show you…
I’m here already? My God, that was fast! I’ll be there soon, no worries. I know you’re home. I’ve called twice and you’ve answered each time like a good girl. I apologize, I didn’t say anything both times but I’ll have volumes and volumes to say in person. You won’t be disappointed.
“Excuse me. Step aside, please.”
Pushing my way pass the other commuters on the train, I exit, thrilled with the fact that we’ll be together soon.
I can hardly wait!

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