Lonely Man Chronicles: Lay Your Hands on Me

by admin on July 17, 2011

Lonely Man Chronicles

Lay Your Hands on Me

I have never been as lonely as I am now.

As I lay on my bed listening to the deafening silence, this is a fact that has become all too true.

I miss you.

Plain and simple.

I miss the noise you bought into my life, cancelling out all this silence that surrounds me now, breathing life into this once listless life of mine.

I miss your crooked smile, warming me through all the months of January, reassuring me that all is well in the world.

I miss the way my hands would swallow yours when I held it. We always laughed about that.

I miss your laugh, that giant laugh of yours that when others heard it they couldn’t help but stare your way and smile.

Your kisses, your tongue, your body. No need for me to elaborate on any of them, is there? They go without saying.

I miss the way you ate, taking every bite as if it were your last, savoring each morsel with such appreciation, wanting to share everything before you with me. Your kindness has no limits.

Oh, what I would do to have you back in my life! What would it take? What can I do?

What I would do to feel and cherish the caress from your hands once more, the passion emanating from your fingers. With each touch of your hand, I am reborn through love.

This sadness never ceases.

I’ll wait for you. I’ll wait for you at the end of the world just pass the beginning of existence.

When you call, I’ll answer.

When you hunger inside for love, I will nourish you with all of my very being. My soul is yours to keep, eternally.

My dreams will be of you and of the day your touch will once more be part of my life.

I couldn’t love you more.

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