Word on the Street: Brooklyn Hustlaz

by admin on November 30, 2011

Word on the Street

 Brooklyn Hustlaz

To all my dealers in the ‘hood who carry stacks of cash

Keep moving your shit, safeguarding your stash

Trusting no bitches, taking no shorts

Beatin’ all your cases, bafflin’ the courts

Keep pumping that shit, you got a high demand

Addicts and dealers walking hand and hand

With pants off your ass, boxers on your waist

Makin’ those moves, stackin’ bread with haste

You run a tight crew, anarchy not tolerated

Popular in dark circles, your name often celebrated

Ruining lives, a nickel bag at a time

No regrets, no remorse. Let your fronts shine!

The night is yours, you’re its crowned prince

The corners belong to you. Your block has no defense

‘Cause you got that shit that makes them niggas itch

Make them scratch they necks, turn ‘em out like tricks

Make mommas sell diapers, take their welfare checks

Make ‘em spread their legs wide, make ‘em bob their necks

Keep ‘em on the streets sayin’ “Yeah, this that shit!”

While your paper stay long and your money stay thick

Fuck what they say, you gonna make out like the mob

This shits a bitch but somebody’s gotta do the job

With your Timbs laced up and your cap down tight

White tee, you’re complete. Bring on the night.

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