Lonely Man Chronicles: The Old Man in the Cafe

by admin on December 14, 2011

Lonely Man Chronicles

The Old Man in the Cafe

The years have not been kind to him. No, he has suffered mentally and physically more than most, wearing his hurt and pain on his face and shoulders like some mock badge of courage for all to see. Eyes stained red from stress and fatigue with a tell-tale scar above his right eye from a boating accident he was in when he was ten, he stares across the café at the others who are enjoying their coffee and company, totally oblivious to him. At his age, it no longer bothered him that he goes unnoticed; he’s used to that. Better to be not seen and heard then to be a nuisance or frowned down upon for being loud. He has learned this the hard way. In his younger years, he was prone to drinking and mischief, not caring about his actions or words and how they affected those around him. This is why he is alone now; having burned every bridge and crossing everyone he has come in contact with.

He had a woman, a good woman who loved him with all her heart. He had met her when he was twenty-five, she was twenty-one. He had worked in construction for a good part of his life, specializing mostly in carpentry. This is when he had met her. He wooed her, captivating her with his words, mesmerizing her with his love for her, amazing her with his intelligence. Thiers was a match made in heaven. If not for his wayward habits of drunkenness and womanizing, they might have had a chance. She left him after years of being deprived and mistreated. This has left him feeble both emotionally and mentally, and though he had many other women over the course of his lifetime, he never achieved the same level of love that he had with her. This is how love has left him.

Now lonely, abandoned and broken, he ponders the meaning of life over warm coffee and broken dreams….


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ATM 05.17.12 at 10:12 pm

You write so beautifully and so detailed about the simplest things in life…like an old man in a cafe…nicely done

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