Heartbroken: Hurt

by admin on January 7, 2012



Broken, I lay in my bed, my best friend, crying for the death of me.

 My tears speak volumes of the words my mouth cannot seem to form.

They speak of sadness.

 They speak of pain.

They tell the tales of heartache and suffering entwined with a yearning and hunger for my days of youth.

My heart beats in the rhythm of despair with grief providing the tempo.

As my sheets become saturated and the down within my pillows grow moist, I envision everything and nothing, dwelling in the abyss, embracing the void that my life has become.

In the garbled, confused thoughts of my mind, only one stands out, the one without hesitation I embrace:

I am alone in this world and will forever remain.

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Pixie 01.12.12 at 10:56 am


What is happening?

Daniel Dickey 02.04.12 at 12:53 am

Harsh, but potent. Great work.

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