As If I Had Any Choice in the Matter

by admin on January 17, 2012

As If I Had Any Choice in the Matter

I am officially getting old, long in the tooth. I can feel it in everything that I do from bending over and touching my toes, to the simple act of walking up stairs, I feel it in my joints. I don’t think that its arthritis (or at least I hope not) and I’m pretty sure it’s not due to cold weather (still don’t believe that one). I’m quite positive it is in response to my body aging. I can’t control this, I have tried. I hear of all these miracle cures to prevent aging such as creams, diets, get more sleep, go organic, avoid red meat, etc… all bullshit when it comes right down to it. They may prevent you from dying earlier than say someone who disregards the above, but they won’t and will not keep your ass from getting old, no matter how much time you spend shopping for aloe vera and ginseng root extract. Tired of fighting the inevitable, I have decided to give in to my fate and accept my aging gracefully and with as less stress as possible over how I may look or be perceived by the public at large.
Don’t get me wrong; I’m not pleased or remotely happy about getting old. If I could do it over again, I’d have Edward from the Twilight series siphon off a few pints of blood out of my neck, thus preserving me at twenty-seven for the rest of my life, but I have this thing about guys lips on my neck and I’m kind of fond of the B negative juice that courses through my veins. I’m taking a back seat on this one, allowing for nature to run its course and hopefully, won’t be too hard on me. No, I will not be frequenting the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet on the weekends nor will I be partaking of the ten wings for ten bucks deal at the local Popeye’s. I’m embracing my latter years and the changes that come with it responsibly; not flying off the handle and over indulging in excess (although the temptation for wings as a Black man can sometimes be overwhelming).
I only pray that I don’t pick up some incurable disease or limbs start rotting and falling off me at random stages on my journey to AARP land. I can deal with the wrinkles, poor vision and people calling me pops, but let it be with all my limbs and in somewhat good health. Unlike my father who loves to be referred to as “Old Man,” I reluctantly accept that title as yet another birthday passes and I grow a year older. Again, things I can’t control. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride, no matter how bumpy or how much turbulence I encounter along the way on this journey called life. If only it wasn’t so damn painful!

Taking the local into my senior years,

Gregory McCant

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