Heartbroken: A Perfect Circle

by admin on March 1, 2012


A Perfect Circle

Around the world, my life spirals out of control

Seemingly out of sync, out of mind, never being aligned correctly…

Fucked into existence through cock and cunt, coupled with animalistic moans of unrestrained passion

Until through no choice of my own, birthed into madness and chaos

of this one world as we know.

Unwanted, uncared for

stealing rancid, putrid air for survival,

Consuming toxins and poisonous copious amounts of bullshit and half-truths.

Such is the way of humans.

Pressured into conformity, free will but a rumor.

Keeping up with Jones’ and Sneaky Smiths.’

Living the dream of the lie of the fabrication which is life.

Dying as I came into the world, shivering and pained.

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Pixie 03.28.12 at 2:00 am

i like it:)

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