To The One I Love: Then There Was You

by admin on June 14, 2012

To The One I Love

Then There Was You

When I gaze into the evening sky, the stars form a constellation resembling your face

Looking down upon us mortals, illuminating the way for what was once my lost love

With my one hand, I reach up, outlining your features with a single finger,

Enjoying that face within these grabbing hands

A celebration of intergalactic proportions, here for my eyes only

My own Heaven on Earth

Crying for the desire of you, the need of you

Out of nowhere, materialized through passion and loneliness, saving my turbulent soul,

Rekindling my faith in Love

You and your beauty, answering my numerous prayers from all those bedside nights on bended knee

Fulfilling for me what had eluded me from birth: a righteous love, a love with no boundaries

Love manufactured and designed for us exclusively, the mold shattered, for one use only

God’s touch personally interwoven throughout the finished product

I had almost given up hope, burying myself in the problems of Man

Material possessions cluttering my being, working myself to the bones

All the while hanging on to the elusiveness of Love

Money not quenching, not remotely satisfying my thirst for you

Then there was you and I’ve been a better man from first contact

And I will be alone and spend the night with you

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