Heartbroken: Poisonous Lips

by admin on June 30, 2012


 Poisonous Lips

 The things you say…

Hurtful, dagger-like, leaving multiple stab wounds which leak of my very essence

Purposeful and direct, they peel back my defenses, exposing the soft underbelly of my heart

Leaving it vulnerable to the onslaught of your malicious verbiage; you surgical in your delivery, knowing precisely what to say to wear down my defenses.

A masterful linguist, you bring me down with but a few fleeting words.

I fall face first, my knees giving out, my joints no longer having the ability to hold this frame as your verbal barrage continues

The wounds open further, my love cascading out in copious amounts, never to return, never replenished.

My soul lies curled up in the corner, feeling the soil falling over its head, death imminent, accepting its fate.

You’ve got everything now.

You’ve broken me with the very mouth that once spoke of Love, now only spewing hurt, bullying me into submission

Subjecting me to the abyss of sadness.

The things you say…


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