Heartbroken: Ache

by admin on August 22, 2012



In misery, she lays alone, the night stretching out, time standing still, longing for the steward of her heart

With sorrow laden tears and heavy heart, she clenches her pillow between her arms, the weight against her bare breasts a mock substitute for the one not there, the one she loves

If he only knew, knew of her heart’s turmoil. Fragile, vulnerable in his absence, erratic palpitations, asthmatic breathing, making sleep all but impossible; the very idea nearly comical in her current state

The state of fleeting Love

The state of fleeting Joy

The four silent walls and ceiling offer no immediate counsel, as silent is their way

They only stare back, blank, unsympathetic to her feelings, mute in any response they may have had for her, their opinions never bought to light

By the glow of the clock’s emanating light, her face bathed in faint scarlet red, angels watch over her, comforting her as best they can

Until the elongated fingers of morning break through her window, ushering in yet another day without her love

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