Heartbroken: Cursed

by admin on September 19, 2012



Blurry, out of focus, my eyes strain to see through the thickness of eternal sadness

Silhouettes and shapes, phantoms and ghost of would be people parade around me

We take no notice of one another; just forms swirling among the masses, bound by loneliness, bound by pain, bound by sorrow

Aimlessly adrift, no destination charted, no plans laid out before me now that love has left me

Time ceases to exist, as I have nothing but time

Night becomes my ally as I curse the daylight and the false hope it brings

My heart, my poor heart, burdened with stress, fatigued from emotional duress, fragmented by heartache, never to be whole again

Unable to pump the blood of life through the collapsed veins within the shell of this man

My prayers for love ignored, I roam this world void of spirit, joining the others in solitude and suffering

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